We primarily make use of listed investments in segregated portfolios which are constructed based on client objectives and risk profiles.

• Direct Share Portfolios: As a licensed FSP, we provide clients with access to all listed shares on the JSE and a wide range of globally listed stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

• Bespoke Managed Portfolio: Many clients have unique preferences, and as such, we provide private individuals with personal service and tailored investment solutions which address a client’s specific requirements, balanced with their tolerance for risk and personal preferences.

• Discretionary Portfolios: Our flagship funds have been designed to cater to specific investor profiles. We aim to outperform the markets over any three-year period and we can customise the recommendation for each investor by balancing between the Growth, Income and Capital Preservation.


FINOVA offers clients a range of structured products which are designed to provide specific payoff profiles based on predetermined expectations. These can include Capital Guarantees for reduced risk and or geared returns on specific assets:

• ETN’s: Exchange Traded Notes offer a vast array of investment options, designed to provide specific payoff profiles. They can be used to enhance returns on particular assets or markets or reduce the risk associated with such investments

• Zero Cost Collars: If you have significant exposure to a listed company, a collar structure manages the risk this investment poses to your entire portfolio.

• Options Trading: Through our association with Safex Members we provide Options Trading strategies and portfolio protection.


ETF’s provide a useful mechanism to invest, at low cost. This is often a good starting point for investors as it immediately achieves diversification.

FINOVA can include ETF’s in a bespoke portfolio for you, or you can access ETF’s directly through our SIPP platform.


Investments placed in an endowment can be advantageous if you have a high tax rate (above 30% marginal rate) and are investing in growth assets for the long-term (more than 5 years).

Endowments will reduce the tax payable on income and capital. Using a share portfolio or any other CIS investment funds you can invest in growth assets and be relatively active in the management of the underlying portfolio, but still enjoy the benefits of a Tax Efficient investment vehicle.