All of our solutions include online access and reporting on your investments through the internet.

For clients with specific online trading requirements, FINOVA has partnered with the best technology providers. We can offer a wide range of state of the art trading platforms, specifically designed to access the instruments that you want to trade.

  • ProTrade: is a dedicated trading platform for new investors in the South African market. It includes:
    • Access to a wide range of instruments, Shares, ETF’s Derivatives, Forex and Commodities as well as selected international companies.
    • Advanced Charting, Stop Losses, Take Profit and real-time pricing with market depth.
    • DMA (Direct Market Access) on any device.
  • SwordFish Online: SA’s most advanced platform for trading Safex listed Instruments. DMA Access, Built in charts and lighting quick execution.
  • Global Trading: FINOVA can provide trading platforms with some of the most reputable investment companies for direct access to your international share portfolio.

FINOVA offers a treasury management solution that focuses on the following:

Cash management solutions: Managing cash in the most optimal way via investing in various money market instruments that offer the highest yields.
Paying debtors offshore: FINOVA will facilitate paying offshore debtors, making it easy and seamless. We will handle the paperwork and do all the administration.

Offshore Transfers: in terms of your R1m discretionary allowance or your R10m annual investment allowance, FINOVA will assist with the administration of getting transfers done.



Did you know that your investment portfolio can be used to access a lending facility at short notice? This is useful to provide liquidity to your existing investments. The lending ratio is dependent on the holdings in a diversified portfolio and typically ranges from 30% to 70%.

The interest rates are very attractive particularly when compared to the administration and time involved in establishing other facilities.

A Carry account / facility can provide you the liquidity needed to fund large purchases and/ or plan for CGT expenses.