The Rand is on the back foot as US treasury yields jumped towards 3%, an important psychological level for investors. 


The weaker Rand helped the resources and rand hedge industrials rise yesterday as banks and retailers pulled back.  


After a surprisingly strong run, the Rand appears to be heading back to resistance at R12. 48 as anxiety and volatility return to more normalise levels.  


The week ahead: 

Last week’s movers and shakers… 


Best Performers: TSX 53.5%; SNH 20.8%; MEI 15.2%; HMN 12.8%; NTC 11.4% 

Worst Performers: MMG -20.5%; DRD -12.7%; BTI -11.9%; ITU -9.3%; HAR -6.8% 


Other Economic data releases of interest… 


One to Buy 


Global Tech exposure through one ETF 


Alphabet’s Q1 earnings beat analyst’s expectations yesterday on both the top and bottom line. This could be a taste of what’s to come from the remained of the tech sector as more of them release results over the coming days. 


The scrutiny of social media stocks seems to be abating, and this has provided an entry into the sector.  


Stanlibs Tech ETF (ETF5IT) is listed on the JSE and gives you exposure to Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet and a host of other tech companies listed. 


This is a perfect low-cost ETF giving targeted offshore exposure and would be a good addition to a tax-fee savings account. 


Buy ETF5IT below R5. 


Short term Ideas 


Long Term Ideas