Buying shares at a significant discount provides some downside protection. Knowing you bought R1 of assets for 79 cents gives you comfort, and one investment holding company is trading at exactly that. 


While investment holding companies typical trade at a discount to their some of the parts value, when these companies sell or distribute assets, the benefit is received at full market value. 


The investment company you should buy today is Remgro. 


It holds 78% of it’s investments in listed companies like, Firstrand, RMI, RMB, Medi-Clinic and Grindrod. 


At R208 you are getting over R251 worth of assets. And the worst performing listed investment Medi-Clinic is bottoming out, with limited downside risk from these levels. 


REM hasn’t been at such attractive valuation levels in a while, it’s 1-year forward PE is 11.3, price to book is also at a new term low of 1.2. And there is a high probability of a special dividend or higher dividends going forward. 


Buy REM below R210 for a move above R250. 


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