When the market opens today it will officially be in a bear market as the JSE extends the recent sell-off on overnight weakness offshore. Most of this sell-off has been driven by global politics and rising interest rates in the US, with other developed markets to follow suit. 


Retail investors are yet to “Panic” about the value of their portfolios. Panicking here is akin to locking the door after the horse has bolted. We’re experiencing the biggest peak to trough sell-off since the bull market began in 2009. 


We expect volatility to spike further from here giving astute investors a good buying opportunity.  


Investors should be placing buying orders on shares at levels they want to buy at and waiting for them to match as share prices spike lower. 


We could see a further 5% decline towards the longterm support, see a chart on the Top 40 future. This would be the perfect level to accumulate shares or build a geared portfolio. A reversal from here would quickly deliver 10% returns in a few weeks. 

The week ahead: 


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