Most investors are losing patience with the JSE as returns have been non-existent. The JSE All-Share index is back in it’s previous trading range and effectively where it was in 2014. 


The problem with investors losing patience and selling, is they do it at precisely the wrong time.  


The Magellan fund managed by Peter Lynch achieved a remarkable 29% annualised return between 1977 to 1990 but the average investor in that fund lost money. They did the hard work of selecting the best performing fund, but the easier task of riding out the bad times was too much for them. This adds substance to the adage it’s not TIMING the market but TIME IN the market that delivers the best returns for investors. 


Investors can enhance their returns by accumulating quality shares in periods of pessimism. And investors looking to generate significant returns over time can look at a number of small caps that are trading below intrinsic value like Sygnia, Wescoal, York, CSG and Adapt IT. 



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