It is well known that most South Africans do not have adequate savings when they retire.
Several factors contribute to this problem, but the four main elements are: Investment Discipline, Investment Returns, Inflation and Costs.

Three of these factors are in our direct control. You can speak to us about the best solution for you.

Retirement Annuities: Using a segregated Share portfolio within your RA is one of the most significant developments in the retirement savings environment. By comparison to legacy savings vehicles segregated RA’s offer significantly lower costs, full transparency, better management of the tax benefits and flexibility to design the portfolio around the needs of the client.

This is an important tool to preserve wealth when changing jobs, as a top up to company sponsored pension and provident schemes, or as an outright savings vehicle for entrepreneurs and employees without a company sponsored retirement scheme.
FINOVA can provide other Retirement Annuities using CIS Funds or investment Fund of Funds and advise on your existing RA.
Our portfolios comply with the prudential requirements of Regulation 28.

Preservation Funds allow you to keep some of the benefits of your Pension or Provident fund when changing employment.


When you retire your retirement savings need to be used to purchase an approved annuity:

Living Annuities: FINOVA manages a model retirement portfolio which can be personalized based on your unique circumstances. This typically achieves a lower total expense ratio and attractive income yield, (above 5%).

Guaranteed Annuities: Provide certainty of income for the life-time of the retiree. Speak to us if you are looking for a Guaranteed Annuity during your retirement.


FINOVA is the first Financial Service Providers to offer Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) solutions to clients. SIPP is a savings model similar to the superannuation funds in the UK and 401(k) funds in the USA.

Employees: we place the employee in full control of his/her retirement savings and provide life-stage investment options within accepted guidelines. SIPP provides a simple and effective retirement planning tool to all employees based on their personal information.

Employers benefit from a simple solution and discharge of their obligations, but maintain oversight of their employee’s choices.

SIPP is simple and transparent and significantly cheaper to administer for small to medium sized companies.