About Finova Capital

FINOVA is a niche investment services business that provides innovative solutions to retail and corporate clients. For 20 years we have been at the forefront of developments in several new financial products. We combine new technologies with traditional products to improve services, drive down costs and enhance investor outcomes.

We focus on providing quality investment insights to outperform peers and the overall market.

Our chosen solutions are based on a clear understanding of a client’s objectives and life stage planning. We have developed suitable investment profiles for a range of requirements, which can be used to build individual proposals with improved effectiveness.

Our range of solutions include:

We can also assist clients with; Unit Trusts, Hedge Funds, Life Policies and Tax Planning.

Meet the team

Staff members of FINOVA CAPITAL provide a diverse and complimentary skill set:



Hempas has 25 years of experience in financial markets, previously a director of PLJ Financial Services and Head of Private Clients at Thebe Stockbroking.

In 2014 he acquired a substantial shareholding in the company and his strong client relationships have been a catalyst for the recent growth in clients.



Guy began his career in the investment division of Alexander Forbes in 1994. He has served as an Executive Director of BoE Personal Stockbrokers and Imara SP Reid which was acquired by Momentum Securities in 2015.

His passion for innovation in the financial markets has been instrumental in the development of several online trading platforms and new investment products.

He is a member of the Financial Derivative Advisory Committee to the JSE and focuses on integration of new technologies for the continued improvement client service levels and solutions.



Chris has been a financial advisor for 18 years, starting at Discovery and quickly becoming one of their top financial advisors over the years. By joining Finova, Chris has become independent and can advise clients across multiple providers and products.

Chris brings a holistic approach to financial services, assisting clients with investments, life and short-term insurance as well as Medical aid.

Chris will put your future into perspective, provide the most sound financial advice possible and ensure through meticulous management that your objectives are achieved.



Justin started his career in equity markets in 1994 on the JSE Market Floor with Stockbroker Raymond James Stewart. In 2000 he joined Rice Rinaldi Securities and appointed to the board of as Director of Trading until the company was acquired by Imara SP Reid.


He has held positions at various firms heading up international arbitrage trading between the US, Europe and South Africa, as well as an African Equity Trading Desk servicing financial institutions throughout global markets.

Justin generates research notes and trading ideas, executes Finova’s arbitrage trading strategies, he also sits on the Investment Committee at Finova Capital



Gavin approaches everything with enthusiasm and is committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals. Before joining FINOVA, he worked as an investment analyst and joined Momentum Securities where he headed up the Retail and Derivatives trading desk.

Gavin has a keen eye for the market and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. He has passed the Certified Financial Planners board exam.



Stacey started her financial services career at Discovery and is responsible for ensuring our financial advisors and investment professionals receive the support they need to advise and service our clients.

Stacey’s specialty lies in supporting the financial advisors and investment professions across multiple products and various services providers in an efficient manner.

Stacey enjoys the new challenge that comes with assisting investment professionals.